Arrest of Imran Khan: Many Pakistani cricketers supported Imran Khan, Shaheen Afridi…

Former Pakistani cricketer and Prime Minister Imran Khan has been sentenced to prison by the Islamabad Supreme Court. After that, Imran Khan was sent to prison. In fact, Imran Khan was sentenced to prison in the Al Qadir Trust case. Islamabad’s Supreme Court found the former Prime Minister of Pakistan guilty of corruption. At the same time, following the Islamabad Supreme Court decision, many Pakistani cricketers have spoken out in favor of Imran Khan. In addition to former cricketer Wasim Akram, names such as current cricketer Shaheen Afridi are also included in this list.

Wasim Akram wrote his words on Twitter in defense of Imran Khan. Wasim Akram wrote in his tweet for Imran Khan that you are human but millions of people stand firmly behind you. You stay strong… Wasim Akram has also started. At the same time, Pakistan’s veteran fast bowler Shaheen Afridi changed his Twitter DP in support of Imran Khan.

Significantly, Pakistan has only won once. The Pakistani team had won the 1992 World Cup. The captain of this Pakistani team was Imran Khan. Aside from bowling at the World Cup, Imran Khan had shown strength at batting. Imran Khan scored 185 runs at the 1992 World Championship. Whereas in bowling there were 7 wickets. At the same time, Pakistan won the World Cup by beating England in the final. After leaving cricket, he started his second inning in politics. He became Prime Minister of Pakistan but is now behind bars.

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