Arrest of a suspected Russian spy working in the German Defense Ministry

German security forces arrested one German citizen who worked for the responsible public body Provision of weapons and other equipment to the armed forces on suspicion that he had passed information to the armed forces secret services of Russia as the public prosecutor announced on Wednesday.

The suspect only identified as Thomas H and accused of collaborating with a foreign governmenthad contacted me several times and “Initiative” with the Russian Consulate in Bonn and the Russian Embassy in Berlin to offer cooperation.

Beginning of contacts with Russia

According to the investigation, Thomas H. has made contact with the country Wladimir Putin in the month of May and on at least one occasion it happened information to the one who had Access for their professional activity.

Specifically, the suspect worked in Koblenz for the Federal Office for Equipment and information technologies German Bundeswehr, responsible for army equipment and defense technology development. The prisoner has already done it appeared before the judge and stay in makeshift prison.

Records at your place of work and at home

This was confirmed by the public prosecutor in a statement house records and the place ofand the work of Thomas H., No further details were given about him.

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