Arrest of a soccer coach for virtual sexual contact with more than 200 minors

The National Police have arrested a soccer coach in Seville for having virtual sexual contacts with more than 200 minors through false profiles created on various social networks posing as a girl his own age.

The minors are 14 years old on average, come from different Andalusian cities and are mostly educated playersThe state police announced this in a statement on Monday.

Police have identified sixty underage victims and taken their statements, and the Judiciary has ordered the man’s jail time.

Operation Reinosa began in early 2021 when a minor exchanged photos and videos of a sexual nature with the trainer, who was posing as a young womanhe began to suspect that he might be an adult as he avoided showing his face and demanded more and more content of a sexual nature.

The minor told his parents, and they made him question the accuracy of the profile.

The National Police managed to identify the person hiding behind the false profiles, the coach of a football team, which made their job easier and allowed them direct contact with numerous minors.

Officers conducted an entry and search of his home, including assaulting several electronic devices containing ample material of a sexual nature.

By analyzing the devices, the researchers were able to find out which ones had attempted to contact more than 200 minors posing as young women with the aim of obtaining material of a sexual nature, I even go so far as to take steps to arrange meetings with some of them.

In addition, the minor could be identified, whose pictures, which were also obtained through deception, were used by the alleged perpetrator as a lure for his victims.

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