Armaan Malik’s second wife Kritika is not pregnant? Shocking revelation on the blog

YouTuber Armaan Malik, who made headlines on social media because of his two wives, is in the headlines again. In fact, yesterday the news came via YouTuber that his second wife Kritika Malik is pregnant again five months after giving birth to son Zaid. But now Kritika revealed in her vlog that she is not pregnant. Let us know what it’s about…

Armaan Malik’s second wife Kritika became a mother to a son just five months ago. Whom he called Zaid. Last day i.e. September 10th, Kritika gave good news to her fans in her vlog and said that she is pregnant again. After that, an atmosphere of happiness reigned in his family. Furthermore, her fans also started congratulating Kritika on social media. But now Kritika has broken everyone’s heart as she revealed that she is not pregnant and was just playing a prank on everyone.

Once Kritika broke this news to Armaan Malik and his first wife Payal Malik. So both of them got angry on Kritika and told her never to make such a joke again. Kritika’s fans are also quite disappointed with this revelation.

Let’s tell you this five months ago when Kritika gave birth to Malik Zaid. Just a few days later, Armaan’s first wife Payal Malik also became the mother of twins Aayan and Tuba. Payal is already the mother of a son Chirayu. Whom she affectionately calls Chiku at home.

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