Arjun Kapoor’s statement on the boycott trend said: a lot is happening now, you made a mistake by keeping silent and…

Boycott Bollywood has been trending on social media for the past few days, the effect of which can be clearly seen in recently released movies. The Bollywood boycott trend has further concerned the film industry. Now actor Arjun Kapoor has given a strong reaction to this boycott trend.

In fact, during an interview given to Bollywood Hungama, when Arjun was asked a question about the Bollywood boycott trend, Arjun gave a very sharp answer. Arjun Kapoor said that I think we have made a big mistake by keeping quiet about it and that it was our decency, but people started taking advantage of it.

The actor further said that I think we have made a mistake in thinking that our work will speak for itself. Not only this, the actor also said with harsh words that you know that sometimes it’s not always necessary to get your hands dirty, but I think we have tolerated it a lot and now people have made it a habit. ..

Arjun Kapoor did not stop at this, he further said that now people in the industry must come together and speak openly about it. Because what people write about him is far from the truth. The actor further said that when we make such films, which do well at the box office, then people like them not because of our name but because of the film. Regarding the boycott, Arjun said that too much is happening, which is wrong.

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