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Arjun Kapoor Was Upset With Katrina Kaif For This, You’ll Be Surprised To Know Why

Arjun Kapoor Was Upset With Katrina Kaif For This, You'll Be Surprised To Know Why

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor is very famous for his impeccable style. Arjun Kapoor doesn’t shy away from reacting to such matters, whether it’s a personal problem or to scold a famous friend. Meanwhile, now Arjun Kapoor has expressed his discontent with the powerful actress of Hindi cinema, Katrina Kaif. Actually, Arjun is currently upset with Katrina. The reason for this dislike of Arjun Kapoor will surprise you.

Recently, Arjun Kapoor shared an image on the story of his official Instagram account. Through this photo, Arjun Kapoor has given the reason for his anger with Katrina. Knowing this reason will really hold your head. In reality, Arjun Kapoor is mad at Katrina Kaif for Mango. Arjun Kapoor has revealed through an Instagram story that he is upset with Katrina Kaif because she didn’t send him mangoes. The actor wrote, “In such a situation, you have to fend for yourself, and then you have to enjoy making mango pudding.” In this way, Arjun Kapoor has lodged his complaint about Katrina.

This fun style of Arjun Kapoor is being liked by fans. This is not the first time Arjun Kapoor has had fun with Katrina Kaif on social media. Even to this, Arjun has given his reaction by making funny comments on Kapoor’s photos and videos. It is known that Arjun Kapoor, who was last seen in ‘Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar’, will soon be back with ‘The Lady Killer’ movie, ‘Ek Villain Returns’.

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