Arizona turns churches into heat shelters; climate emergency in the US


“It’s hot outside, come inside and cool off with Jesus,” says a sign at a church in Tucson.

In Phoenix, the First United Congregational Church of Christ has been a shelter since last week for the population to hydrate, stand next to a fan and watch the weather news on television.

In the temple, people can take bottles of water and lie down on mats or directly on the floor.

These cities, located in the state of Arizona, offer options for the population to overcome the current heat wave.

“A strong heat alert will be active until July 19,” says the Maricopa County page.

Phoenix, the state capital, Phoenix, has recorded 16 consecutive days above 42.7 degrees.

Last Saturday afternoon temperatures registered 47.7.

The city has organized volunteer corps to direct residents to climate-controlled centers and to distribute water bottles and hats.

The director of the Heat Response and Mitigation Program, David Hondula, told ABC that working three days a week is not enough.

More than 80 million people woke up yesterday to official warnings or forecasts of excessive heat waves in the western, southern and southeastern states of the United States.

Yesterday, the National Weather Service (NWS) warned of “a widespread sweltering heat wave” across much of the west to the southeast, with temperatures continuing into this week and increasing health risks.

“Widespread record high temperatures, as well as record warm daily lows, are expected in parts of the Southwest, along the western Gulf Coast, and in southern Florida,” the NWS reported.

  • 80 million people remain under heat alert in the United States.
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