Argument over a piece of sweets, shopkeeper brutally killed in front of his family

Growing intolerance in the society led to a dispute over a small piece of sweet and a shopkeeper was brutally murdered.

This incident took place in Kalma village of Egypt, where four people brutally killed the shopkeeper by stabbing him with a knife in front of his parents, wife and children after a dispute over a piece of sweets.

Foreign media have reported with reference to the cousin of the deceased Muhammad Harb that the quarrel took place over a piece of sweets which escalated to such an extent that the accused dragged Muhammad Harb out of the shop in anger and stabbed him several times with a knife. He was killed and his parents and wife fled leaving the body covered in blood in front of the children.

According to the cousin of the deceased, the accused are well-known personalities of the area.

On the other hand, in this regard, the security organization of Al-Qalubiyya says that the Qaliyub police received information about the dispute and the killing of Muhammad Harb in Kalma village and upon receiving the information, the police team immediately reached the scene.

According to the police, preliminary investigation revealed that a girl had bought sweets from Mohammad Harb who came to return the sweets after some time, but the shopkeeper refused to take back the sweets saying that it was now fake.

Later, the girl called 4 members of her family and as soon as they arrived, they attacked Muhammad Harb with knives and killed him in front of his parents, wife and children.

The police said that the body was shifted to the hospital and permission for burial has been given after the post-mortem.

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