Argument during the flight, passengers slapped and punched each other

Incidents of bad temper, fights and scuffles often happen during air travel, recently a video of one such incident is going viral on social media.

The above mentioned incident took place in the flight of Biman Airlines of Bangladesh, no information about the destination of the plane has been revealed at present.

In a viral video on social media, it can be seen that a young man without a shirt is fighting with a person sitting on the seat.

The person sitting on the seat, whose face is not visible, slaps the young man in response, but the young man continues to torture him in a state of rage and frenzy.

The youth is also punching the person sitting on the seat.

After a few seconds of fighting between the two, other passengers intervened and tried to stop the young man by his neck and arms.

The people behind are also standing on their seats and watching the entire incident while some are busy making videos.

No statement has yet been issued by the airline nor is it clear what action was taken against the brawling youth.

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