Argentine boxing, from end to end

The book “Gloved Hands”, written by the journalist Walter Vargas, Argentine boxing publication of Editorial Al Arco, will be presented next Monday, April 24 at the legendary Tortoni café.

The world champions, the Unforgettable evenings at Luna Park, the fighters who stayed at the gates of glory, the great classics and even the most renowned specialized journalists: they all have a place in Manos Guantadas, a beautiful boxing book written by Walter Vargas.

“Nothing like boxing: it gives something to those who have nothing. Those who do not understand us, do not understand anything. There are no lawyers or boxing doctors. It is the job of the most unprotected by society. Of those who were born in the sewer but decided to look at the sun, to exist”, writes from the pages of the prologue another famous specialized journalist, Eduardo Lamazón.

The author of the prologue adds: “Walter Vargas publishes about boxing. It was essential, because we are a race, because we have fur and stuff, a batch of individuals who We write about the fiery universe of the ring and its protagonists. For boxing, this colorful tour that he gives us is a luxury. It exudes nostalgia, that gloomy pain of memory, this easily lovable text that declares war on the misadventure of oblivion.

The profiles that Vargas builds in his book range from Carlos Monzón to Nicolino Locche, from Sergio “Maravilla” Martínez to Pascualito Pérez, from Víctor Galíndez to Sergio Víctor Palma, from Gustavo Ballas to Falucho Laciar; from “Tigresa” Acuña to “Tuti” Bopp.

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Through Gloved Hands pass each and every one of the names that made Argentine boxing great.

But not only those who tasted glory but also those who missed a step, like “Hammer” Roldán or “Ringo” Bonavena; or those who knew how to fill unforgettable nights on the Moon for various reasons: names like those of “Mono” Gatica or “Pantera” Saldaño are piled up there.

Gloved Hands is Vargas’s eighth book (and his first on boxing) with Al Arco, after The Intimate Diary of a Blonde Boy, Front Changes, Football Delivery, Small Team, Sports Journalists, The Centennial Tunnel and Hay Pelota. She also participated in the anthology of stories De Puntín, the founding book of the label exactly 20 years ago.

The presentation will take place next Monday, April 24 at 6:00 p.m., in the Eladia Blázquez hall of legendary Café Tortoni, located at Avenida de Mayo 825, in the heart of Buenos Aires.

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