Argentina would be Boric’s first destination when he assumes

Argentina would be the first country to visit the president-elect of Chile, Gabriel Boric, once he takes office. The news was revealed by Juan Ignacio Latorre, in charge of foreign relations for the former student leader’s command, and it became known after President Alberto Fernández invited him to visit the country last Sunday, when he called him to congratulate him on his triumph. Boric had made his position clear regarding tweet – “> Argentina’s sovereignty over the Falkland Islands, according to a tweet that went viral in recent days. In addition, some of his comments were raised praising Argentine artists and soccer players.

“I want to congratulate Gabriel Boric for having been elected president of the beloved people of Chile. We must assume the commitment to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood that unite our countries and to work together with the region to put an end to inequality in Latin America, “tweeted President Alberto Fernández, who minutes later contacted Boric by phone and confirmed that he will be present at his inauguration.” I wish you the best for you and for Chile. Here you have a friend and I hope your first trip will be to our country. You are invited to come whenever you want, “said the president.

Later, the person in charge of foreign relations of the campaign team of the president-elect, the senator Juan Ignacio Latorre, he told the Chilean newspaper The Mercury that “probably” Boric’s first trip after his inauguration, on March 11, is to Buenos Aires.

“There is still no decision made, but it has been discussed that it is probably Argentina,” said Latorre. “We believe that It is a sister country with which we are interested in cultivating very good relations and we insist from the south. But there is no decision yet made, “added the senator.

On the outskirts of the Hotel Fundador, in which Boric’s team concentrated, Tower He mentioned that “we also want to articulate or help articulate, because it will not be something only Gabriel’s, a greater coordination from the south of Latin America looking at the world, Asia and the powers such as China and the United States, but with political autonomy “.

“Obviously we are very expectant of all the political movements that are going to take place in Latin America, Next year we hope that Lula will defeat the extreme right, with (Gustavo) Petro in Colombia and that there may be an articulation of several progressive governments“said Latorre, who stressed that the objective, in his opinion, is for there to be” a multilateral policy based on human rights and the strengthening of democracy. “

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Recent statistics help to get excited about an early visit by Boric to the country: the last three Chilean presidents chose Argentina as their first destination. Ricardo Lagos did it in 2000 and Michelle Bachelet also, both in 2006 and 2014.

The current president, Sebastián Piñera, repeated the tradition in his first term, which he assumed in 2010. The president was received by Cristina Kirchner at the Casa Rosada and also met with the then head of the Buenos Aires government, Mauricio Macri, with whom he maintained a close bond while both were presidents. However, as of his second term in 2018, Piñera chose Peru as his first destination, where he participated in the Summit of the Americas.

Support for the claim on Malvinas

In recent days, dozens of tweets came to light that reveal Boric’s certain sympathy with Argentina. In February 2013, the British Ambassador to Chile, Jon Benjamin, posted a picture of a visit to the Falkland Islands and tweeted: “A nice photo of midsummer in the Falkland Islands with their happy penguins!” The response of the then student leader was forceful: “Malvinas viejo, Malvinas Argentina”.

Boric’s assumption would enhance the majority support that Argentina has from the countries of the region and from other parts of the world in diplomatic instances to claim its sovereign territory. The possible arrival of Kast endangered that diplomatic struggle, despite the fact that the Piñera government supported the demand for Argentine dialogue.

But the link between Boric and Argentina goes even beyond politics. Mentions of Argentine culture and sports have proliferated in its social network for years. “How incredible that Indio Solari is not known in Chile”Boric wrote on his Twitter account in April 2017.

In addition, the leader of Approve Dignity decided to set his campaign spot to music with the historic song by León Gieco, “Los Salieris de Charly”, to which he changed some stanzas while preserving others that fit perfectly with his candidacy: “We already want a young president, who loves life that faces death.”

Through sports, Boric also showed his affinity for Argentina. In 2017 a Twitter user asked him: “Maradona or Pelé?” The president-elect replied: “Maradona without a doubt.” And on July 10, when the National Team won the Copa América, the young left-wing leader tweeted: “Argentina gives me joy, beautiful joy. Congratulations brothers!”.


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