Argentina thrashed Bolivia with an audience at the Monumental

The show was guaranteed: the Argentine National Team returned to play in the country after obtaining the Copa América, and the public could be present in the stadium after a year and a half without being able to witness an encounter for the coronavirus pandemic.

The aggregate was the wake of Lionel Messi on the field of River’s court, captain and spiritual leader of the team that broke 28 years of frustrations for the national team.

The anxiety of the people had its discharge fast, because At 13 minutes, Messi himself was the one who made a great personal move to convert the first goal. The Rosario left Haquín behind by passing the ball between his legs, and defined with a left-footed shot to the side of Lampe’s right post.

The immediate shout after that action in the stadium was “Take Messi out, the p … that gave birth to you”, in a clear joke for superiority That means having the Paris Saint Germain player on the team.

The allowed audience capacity was 21 thousand spectators, 30 percent of the total. The location of those present was not fixed, but they were choosing their place according to your preferences in the sectors. In that way, there were places with many sympathizers without distance, and at the same time many empty places.

The intensity of those present it faded in the same proportion as the national group. Bolivia cheered up a bit more when it was at a disadvantage, and had the audacity to go ahead on the ground to make it difficult for the home team to leave from the back. In that section he had some risky arrivals, and failed to tie due to the imperfection in the definition of his forwards.

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Argentina responded by counterattack and also came close to increasing the difference, but neither Messi nor Lautaro Martínez nor Gómez hit the goal. In the first moments of the second half it was Di Maria, highly acclaimed by the people, the one that could not before Lampe, who was left with his left foot.

The drizzle was another factor that remained for much of the game, and it also attacked the enthusiasm of the fans, among whom could be seen children accompanied by their parents. People came from the interior of the country to see the selected one, like a couple who arrived with their four-month-old baby from Santa Fe.

Messi’s second goal, hooking in the door of the small area and defining with the right caused another explosion in the Monumental. The play was interrupted by a Bolivian defender, but Messi’s execution was classy. And the captain’s third, rebound, meant total ecstasy.

The time of the celebration with the public was at the end, with the presence of the America’s Cup, music, fireworks and all the colors that were prepared for the occasion. Among the guests were the actress and singer Jimena Barón, the cumbia pop group Los Totoras, DJ Fer Palacio and the young rapper Luck Ra.

The satisfaction of the public was full: it was possible to celebrate with the champions of America in the stadium, in what was the first test for local football to once again have the assistance of supporters in the fields. And the National Team is heading towards the World Cup in Qatar, to project what it achieved in Brazil last July.


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