Home Sports Argentina finalist of the Futsal World Cup!

Argentina finalist of the Futsal World Cup!

Argentina finalist of the Futsal World Cup!

The Argentine futsal team, current world champion, he dreamed of the two-time championship in Lithuania on the first day and went until the last game to make that dream come true: the team led by Matías Lucuix defeated Brazil 2-1 in their semifinal, top winner of the tournament with five trophies, and got into the World Cup final for the second time in a row.

The goals for the national team they scored them Constantino Vaporaki and Cristian Borruto, while the discount for the Verdeamarelho cast was marked by Ferrão. After receiving from Borruto, Argentina’s 10th defined on the rebound, after a Brazilian defensive attempt.

The second cry of the team led by Matías Lucuix came when the clock showed that 13 minutes had already been played and the Albiceleste advantage was scored with a goal. A deep and fast triangulation he found Maximiliano Rescia on the right, so that the five assists with quality, one touch, Borruto, who anticipated Rodrigo and sank the ball into the net.

Maximiliano Rescia, one of the figures of the stellar victory, celebrated just after the match: “We had a very high level for 40 minutes. We went headlong at each ball and, if one was wrong, there was another behind. I think that was the secret of this victory. I am happy for the result but also for our performance and for the philosophy that we are showing the world: that, with sacrifice, anything can be achieved “.

On the strategy of the Argentine team in a historic triumph over powerful Brazil, he added: “They have very good individualities, they are full of stars, but they only made us one goal from a set piece: I think that is the parameter of how we defended during the game. Five years later, the team is still in force in the same way. My chest is inflated. It is a historic match, perhaps one of the most important of my life, and, before thinking about what is coming, I just want to enjoy it. “

The Argentine National Team defends the title it won for the first time in 2016 at the World Cup in Colombia and Brazil is the top winner with five trophies: the Netherlands 1989, Hong Kong 1992, Spain 1996, Brazil 2008 and Thailand 2012. The other two editions (Guatemala 2000 and Chinese Taipei 2004) were won by Spain, which was eliminated by Portugal in the quarterfinals.

The final will be next Sunday at 2 pm on the same stage. The rival will come out of the other semi-final between Portugal and Kazakhstan, which will take place this Thursday at 2 pm also in the city of Kaunas. Brazil will play the match for third place, with opponents to be defined, on Sunday at 12 o’clock at the Kaunas Arena in the preview of the final of the ninth edition of the World Cup organized by FIFA.


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