Home Sports Argentina emerges victorious from the Maracana War

Argentina emerges victorious from the Maracana War

Argentina emerges victorious from the Maracana War

The world champion signed another “Maracanazo” (0:1) in a Superclassic qualifier for the 2026 World Cup, which was about to be canceled. Before the ball rolled, during the playing of the Argentine anthem in one of the Maracana pools, an open fight broke out between fans of the two countries, incomprehensibly not physically separated, and with the Rio military police (one of the). the most violent and deadliest on the planet) using anti-riot materials.

South American 2026 World Cup qualification






Alisson, Emerson Royal, Marquinhos (Nino, 46′), Gabriel Magalhaes (Joelinton, 71′), Carlos Augusto; André, Bruno Guimaraes (Douglas Luiz, 78′); Raphinha (Endrick, 71′), Rodrygo, Gabriel Martinelli (Raphael Veiga, 78′) and Gabriel Jesus.


Draw Martinez; Nahuel Molina, Cuti Romero, Otamendi, Marcos Acuña (Tagliafico, 65′); De Paul, Mac Allister, Enzo Fernández (Paredes, 70′), Lo Celso (Nico González, 70′); Leo Messi (Di María, 77′) and Julián Álvarez (Lautaro Martímez. 77′).


Piero Maza (Chile). TA Gabriel Jesus (4′), Raphinha (13′), Carlos Augusto (32′). TR: Joelinton (81′).


0-1 Otamendi, 62nd minute.


Maracana Stadium (Rio de Janeiro). 68,138 spectators. The game started half an hour late due to incidents between the two fans at the back of the stadium and the police pressing charges against the Argentine fans.

The Argentine soccer players, some of whom had relatives in this area of ​​the Rio Coliseum, shifted their weight to this area. Some, like Dibu Martínez, blamed the security forces. It was impossible to play like that. And Leo Messi, acting as supreme leader and captain, ordered his team to retreat to the dressing room.

For a few (endless) minutes the possibility of stopping the game hovered. Argentina asked for a quarter of an hour so that their arrogant tempers could calm down.

More excitement than football

As the world champion returned to the field and the police separated the fans in the embattled stands with a security cordon, one of the images of the evening could be seen. Messi and his teammate De Paul had a very tough conversation with Real Madrid player Rodrygo, during which sparks flew. The climate was very rare.

Half an hour later than planned, after the world was treated to embarrassing images that reminded us how much South American football still needs to develop organizationally, the ball rolled.

So instead of one of the most traditional national team classics in the world, a new fight began. Both teams came out of the game too excited. The Brazilians went back with them Raphinha And Gabriel Jesuswere reprimanded before the first quarter of an hour for slapping each other From Paul. The first third of the first half was a guerrilla war, a literal exchange of blows, kicks and punches.

However, the clash evolved and took the form of a football match. Argentina, which only had four natural midfielders compared to Brazil, took the ball and tried to put the classic to sleep. And in part it worked well because it was ineffective at the top and didn’t worry others. Alisson.

The Seleçao, filled with the electricity that their coach radiates and preaches, Fernando DinizHe had two very clear opportunities to take the lead: a direct free kick from Raphinha that the barrier blocked a corner, and a shot from Bruno Guimares (one of the best in Brazil) that Cuti Romero went with from the goal line Draw Martinez sold.

Brazil believed in it and scored a quarter of an hour of merit at the start of the second half Raphinha And Gabriel Jesus They had the 1-0 lead.

Argentina has achieved a stroke of genius. At the exit of a corner, Otamendi overcame the mismatch between André and Gabriel Magalhaes with a header. For Diniz, six of the seven goals conceded came from above. It all ended there.

Thanks to their talent, Scaloni’s men dominated the final stretch of the Superclassic race very well. Brazil became smaller and was eventually booed by its own “twist”. He ends the day in a blushing sixth place, after losing the last three games: in Montevideo, in Barranquilla against Colombia and now against Argentina, which is once again in first place in the South American qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

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