Argentina: Attempt to assassinate Argentine Vice President failed, trigger pressed but did not fire, accused caught

This still image taken from a video provided by Television Publica Argentina shows a man pointing a - India TV Hindi News
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This still image taken from a video provided by Television Publica Argentina shows a man pointing a gun at Argentina´s Vice President Cristina Fernandez during an event in front of her home in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina on Thursday, Sept. 1, 2022.

Argentina : An attempt to assassinate the Argentine Vice President has failed. A man tried to shoot him but the bullet did not fire at the last minute and Vice President Cristina Fernandez narrowly escaped. Argentine President Alberto Fernandez said there was an attempt to assassinate the country’s Vice President Cristina Fernandez. A man had pointed a pistol at him. But the bullet didn’t fire.

Vice President Christina Fernandez narrowly escaped

President Alberto Fernandez told Argentina’s national broadcaster, ‘A man taunted a weapon on his head (Thursday night).’ He said that the bullet did not fire. Video from the scene, aired on a local television channel, showed Fernandez getting out of his vehicle surrounded by supporters outside his house when a man was seen carrying something resembling a ‘pistol’. However, the Vice President managed to escape. The suspect could not be identified, but he was taken into custody soon after the incident. The supporters of the Vice President present on the spot are also seen shocked in the video.

Armed man detained by security personnel

Security Minister Anibal Fernandez told news channel ‘C5N’, ‘The person who had the weapon was taken into custody by the (Vice President’s) security personnel.’ The minister said that he could not divulge further details in this regard as the investigation was on. In the unverified video circulating on social media, the weapon is seen almost touching Fernandez’s face. Government officials have called the incident an attempt to murder.

When hatred and violence are imposed on ideas, societies are ruined.

Finance Minister Sergio Massa said, ‘When hatred and violence are imposed on ideas, societies are ruined and the situation arises as it is today. It is an attempt to murder. Ministers in President Alberto Fernandez’s government issued a press release saying they “strongly condemn the assassination attempt” of the vice president. “What happened tonight is a very serious incident and a threat to democracy, institutions and the rule of law,” the release said.

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Demand for 12 years imprisonment for Fernandez in corruption related case

After a prosecutor last week sought a 12-year sentence for Fernandez in a case related to alleged corruption in public works, supporters of the Vice President gathered on the streets around his house to show solidarity with him. Huh. Vice President Cristina Fernandez has also been the President of the country from 2007 to 2015.

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