Argentina and Di María triumph; Lautaro does not generate doubts

Confidence is the most important part of football. Football is states of mind. There are no starters or substitutes. All these set phrases that this beautiful sport has sometimes fit with different situations and if we talk about the Selection Argentina from Scalonimore than one works.

TO Cordova, Argentina arrived without Otamendi, Paul’s, Walls, Messi or Nicholas Gonzalez, all big names, all headlines or near-headlines. but they are behind guide Rodriguez, Ocampos, Papuan Gomezplayers who want to win a place to qatar and that in each ball they leave the soul, because this Argentina is hungry for worldHe wants to win every game, whether he succeeds or not.

And if there is a man who looks like another, it is Say Maria. It may sound repetitive, but winning the Copa América took all the pressure off the noodle and now he plays as a reference more than ever (with the tape playing in the absence of Messi) and infects their peers. His was the most dangerous chance of the first 25 minutes with a shot that looked for the right post of Vargas but it was close.

From so much going and so much going, the first arrived. the confidence of Argentina makes him not afraid to press and attack, so in a center of Coins and a misunderstanding in the yellow defense, the ball fell to Lautaro to put in an unstoppable left-footed shot and celebrate with all the Cordoba fans. The one from Inter he is still the top scorer of the cycle Scaloni and those who doubted him, no longer appear so much.

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Of another who doubted and based on stellar performances, he made sure that it is not discussed Emiliano Martinezwho took out a spectacular hand in hand to Borgia at the end of the first half so that Argentina go to the locker room with an advantage in terms of numbers and spirit.

The second half did not change much the dynamics of the first. Argentina wanted more and Colombia could not. A few minutes later, Scaloni He moved the bench of substitutes and gave entry to Meza for Ocampos, who got the ovation but his gesture did not show much happiness, as if he had not taken advantage of the opportunity.

The one that was still on was Say Mariawho raised the field with a great shot from outside the area and especially when he was substituted. Scaloni gave entrance to Nico Gonzalez Y Dybala for him noodle Y Lautaro Martinezauthor of the goal.

The rest of the game was a want and I can not Colombiatime for the debut of Good day and place for some good play Dybala or Nico Gonzalez. The game ended in Cordovathe America Cup was offered to the people of Cordoba and Argentina continued to stretch the undefeated. for those of Scaloni there are no relaxed games and they show it at every moment.

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