Arda Güler is still on the sidelines 48 hours after the Clásico against Barça

First day in Dallas… and Arda Güler is still on the sidelines. The imposing AT&T Stadium opened its doors for Carlo Ancelotti’s men and there were two clear spots in which to place the binoculars: Courtois and Guler. Both are about to be released. “Courtois has a little discomfort and there is no point in risking him. I think he will be next. Like Güler, that he too will play soon ”, contextualized Ancelotti in the mixed zone after beating United. Although the message regarding the midfielder was less flattering a few questions later: “If he doesn’t make it to the Clásico, he will do so for the game against Juve”. After what was observed at the Cowboys stadium, the balance leans more to the side bianconero that azulgrana, although from the club they still do not rule him out completely. the good news is sharkwho worked normally and aims to start against Barcelona (Saturday, 11:00 p.m.).

The beginning of the practice installed the doubt with Güler, since he began with the rest to do functional and mobility exercises at a pace, a priori, similar. Nevertheless, when the intensity was in crescendoand not too much because it was a session halfway between recovery and testing, Altindag’s talent got out of the group. From that moment, Arda began to work and talk, a lot, with José Carlos García Parrales, one of the physiotherapists for the white team. He first a slow jog, then a leisurely run as he zigzagged across the grass. And there, a gesture for hope. Güler said with gestures that he was fine.

Shortly after, Carletto he joined the pair in midfield. Attentive, the technician observed how the 24 It ran around the circumference of the center of the field. But something must not have been right, because after the three spoke and Ancelotti withdrew, the Turkish international told him that he was not entirely comfortable. All very subtle, both the positive and the negative. Nevertheless, It is difficult to think that without having yet touched the ball normally, Güler is going to play his first game as a Real Madrid player against Barcelona. Of course, as we said, the club places him between questionsnot as a confirmed casualty.

Valverde, overloaded

Once it was verified that Courtois was at full capacity and Güler on the trantran, four other Real Madrid players did not exercise at a normal pace with their teammates: Valverde, Camavinga, Mendy and Joselu. El Halcón, who played the 90 minutes against Milan, MVP by means of, and the last 45 ‘against United, stayed on the bench throughout the entire training session. Valverde has an overload that, In principle, it should not endanger the Classic. That is the inner feeling.

Ancelotti talk at AT&T Stadium.
Ancelotti talk at AT&T

Nor for Camavinga, Mendy and a Joselu who left the field in the final stretch. All of them carry minor and unimportant annoyances. However, in preseason moderation reigns and if there is any type of danger or illness it will not be forced. It is time to build and strengthen, but without neglecting a rest that results mainly in kilometric seasons like the ones that players face today.

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