The book published by Suture editions brings together through the representation of his paintings and installations most of the works of the painter’s last ten years, particularly devoted to African cinemas.

The pictorial work of Cheikh Ndiaye, born in Senegal in 1970, takes a look at the architecture and town planning of West African metropolises. His almost documentary approach with canvases that one could, at first glance, take for reworked photographs draws a memorial and daily geography of these cities.

Part of his work is devoted to the representation of the places where the inhabitants of urban centers live and work: mechanical workshops, carpentry, ironwork, designer kiosks … But a large majority of his paintings are devoted to the representation of facades cinemas from the 1960s and 1970s, mainly in Senegal and Ivory Coast, even if others are located in Guinea, South Africa, Cuba or even Harlem in New York.

Nine canvases devoted to cinematographic facades, captioned with extracts from interviews, analyzes and reviews of the book’s many collaborators Sun Archives, to Suture editions, accompany this statement.


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