Home Entertainment Arcángel warns the Judiciary of Puerto Rico:

Arcángel warns the Judiciary of Puerto Rico:

Arcángel warns the Judiciary of Puerto Rico:

After a judge of the Puerto Rico Court suppressed the alcohol tests that were carried out on the driver accused of being the person responsible for the accident in which Justin Santos, Arcángel’s brother, died, the urban singer warned the judiciary of his native country.

“The system failed my mother who trusted him, so I have to teach the system. Unhappy sons of the big bitch. I have never believed in you because my system is another. With you I will do a social experiment, and I swear by the memory of my glorious brother and all the people who still await justice, that they will never be unfair again,” the singer wrote in an Instagram post.

The magistrate decided to eliminate the blood samples from the evidence, which yielded a result of 0.29% alcohol in the body of Mayra Nevárez Torres the night that, while driving the wrong way, her vehicle collided with that of Santos, for being an unreasonable search, carried out without a reasonable reason and not having been consented to.

“The world will know how mediocre the judicial system of Puerto Rico is. Meanwhile, with everything and my eternal sadness, I am here giving joy to other people. And it does not feel good at all,” added Arcángel.

Arcángel’s sister, Priscilla Eli, and his mother, Carmen Rosa Santos, also expressed their disagreement with the decision. The artist’s mother protested on the Teodoro Moscoso bridge, where the crash occurred in the early hours of November 21, 2021, which caused enormous traffic congestion in the area on Friday afternoon, according to Primera Hora.

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