The fight continues to find out where the young Uruguayan talent is going to play from next season

From this bitter moment of FC Barcelona, ​​there is no doubt that one of the players who can be rescued at this point has been the Uruguayan defender Ronald Araujo. But that his level is high also has consequences and these are linked to his renewal proposal, which has been quite convulsed.

It has been known that the footballer’s agents have leaked an offer from the Real Madrid which has set off the alarms in an distressing way. This has allowed them to gain power over time, and to establish on the table the demands that are known to be appearing as the initial plan for everything.

Seville Barcelona
Ronald Araújo could not follow in the FC Barcelona

Knowing the background, FC Barcelona does not want to risk and has provided Ronald Araújo with all the comforts

It is said that all this focus of possibilities has been nothing more than a response from the agents to put pressure on. Which they have achieved because Barça in the midst of its alarming situation has shielded the player from everything he has asked for. Not only are they going to improve his salary, they are going to prolong his contract for more than the time that had been stipulated.

Of course, from the top management they have become nervous and more in the case of the player he is and before the club that is supposed to have put his eyes on him. Laporta has the idea that the restructuring process must respect the base and Xavi has been a tireless promoter of that.

Everything ready for Araújo to defend the elastic of the Catalan team for a long time

At the beginning there was talk of three years, but with this it is evident that the time is going to be much longer. And not only that, they are also going to put a priceless clause on it, making it one of the main elements of the project that promises to return the lost greatness to the club.


For now everything is in the hands of those in charge. Finally, they are the ones who must manage the case and pass it on so that ultimately there is an accelerated pace and the Uruguayan’s stay at Can Barça is on track. Everything looks good, and confirmation is expected in the following days.