Araújo does not have a ‘Gavi clause’

In the midst of the storm, reassuring news for Barcelona fans. as far as he could tell ACE, Ronald Araujo July 1 is not free if by that day Barça has not been able to update its contract within the margins that it allows The league. Therefore, it does not have the ‘Gavi clause’, that he would be free if for that day the Barça club does not put him within the margins of financial fairplay. In recent days it has circulated that the Uruguayan international also had the ‘Gavi clause’, but it is not like that. In his contract, renewed in April 2022 until June 2026 with a clause of 1,000 million, the option of being unilaterally free at zero price is not specified in any case if he has not entered the salary margins imposed by LaLiga on the 1st of July.

Barça has room, then, to resolve the Uruguayan’s registration throughout the summer. It is also one of his priorities along with the difficult fit of the return of Messi and the registration of Gavi. Araújo, for the rest, is calm. He made an effort to continue at Barça and, furthermore, the fact that this clause does not exist avoids temptations from his representatives and the earthquake that, for example, does surround Gavi these days.

Barça, yes, already knows that it is obliged to make a good handful of sales this summer to resolve all the issues that it has pending, among them the registration of the new contract of Araújo. Names like Ferran or Ansu are on everyone’s lips these days, but there could be surprises. Players like Christensen, Dembélé or Raphinha are in the showcase. The cases of Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets, who would free up a lot of wages if they leave, must also be resolved. Even if they stay, since the Barça club has once again asked for a cut to the winger and would sign a downward contract for the midfielder. Without the Gavi clause, Araújo seems untouchable at this Barça.

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