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Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom: It’s no surprise that the blockbuster is a gigantic financial flop

Aquaman © Warner Bros

Since coming to power James Gunn And Peter Safran in the house of DC comics Completely rebooting the universe was no longer a secret for anyone: many fans have seen the last four films in the universe DCEU (Shazam 2, The Flash, Blue Beetle and Aquaman 2) as potential collateral victims of this regular regression. If we combine the first three films we get the score of Worldwide sales of $543 million recorded for… Budget: $479 million without high marketing costs. Overall, even if the figures of a are carefully kept under wraps Warner In the event of bankruptcy, there could be a risk of losses A total of $400 million. Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom despite everything, arrived with the savior costume (or at least that of the film, which is responsible for keeping the damage to a minimum).

The problem is that the production of the film James Wan has been (very) complicated. Between late and massive reshoots, disastrous first test screenings and the affair Amber HeardThe initial feedback is mixed and speaks of a buddy movie style Thor: Love and Thunder tasteless and visually terrible. The first work was considered the greatest success of DC in the cinema 1.151 billion dollars of worldwide sales. Aquaman 2 was produced for the little things 205 million dollars with no marketing costs and should revel in the same way as its counterparts above.

For its first day in the United States, the film took in $13.7 million. A score far behind that 37 million from the first film (Friday + preview). It’s hardly better than Shazam 2 (11 million) And Blue beetle (10 million), but already significantly below The Lightning and be 24 million. Cross the Atlantic in the first three days Aquaman 2 should collect $35 million in sales (according to our predictions). A giga-catastrophe. The film was made on the French side 93,494 entries for its first day and should complete a first week of around 600,000 entries. There is nothing truly fabulous in the land of fish.

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