April 22 International Earth Day-2023

April 22 is International Earth Day, an important date announced by the United Nations in 2009. What can we do for it and for ourselves?

When is International Earth Day celebrated?

International Mother Earth Day has been celebrated since 1970 to bring attention to problems caused by overpopulation, pollution, biodiversity conservation and other environmental concerns.

The Origin of Earth Day

In fact, the earliest date for Earth Day dates back to 1968, when the US Department of Health hosted a human ecology workshop for students around the world to hear scientists talk about the effects of environmental degradation on people’s health.

Two years later, in 1970, when Senator and environmental activist Gaylord Nelson planned to create an environmental agency in support of it, more than 2,000 schools, tens of thousands of public colleges and hundreds of communities participated in a massive protest.

These societal pressures led to the creation of the US government’s Environmental Protection Agency and a set of environmental protection policies.

In 1972 the first International Conference on the Environment was held. The objective of the Stockholm World Summit is to make world leaders aware of the great environmental problem.

Earth Day 2023 theme

Each year, a theme is chosen to celebrate International Mother’s Day. The theme for 2023: “Investing in our planet”.

They want to make 2023 the biggest Earth Day ever. To this end, it is recommended not only to governments and companies, but also to all citizens, to work for a greener and more productive world, and to give new generations the opportunity to live in a healthy world. All of this must go hand in hand with a green economy that promotes environmental practices that respect the planet. You can join the biggest environment in the world!

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Important actions in the history of International Earth Day

There were important actions around the world, some of which deserve to be remembered.

Specifically, in 1990 it celebrated its twentieth anniversary:

  • In Asia, Chinese, Soviet and American climbers teamed up to collect garbage from Everest and collected more than 2 TN.
  • In France, participants form a human chain along the 800 km of the Loire River, in honor of one of the last clean waters in Europe.
  • In Italy, nearly 5,000 people blocked roads to protest against pollution caused by cars.
  • Earth Day is declared a national holiday in Haiti.
  • 10,000 students participated in the cleanup campaign in Jordan.
  • About 35,000 people from all over Japan gathered again on Dream Island, a garbage island in Tokyo Bay, to build a new recycling center.

Healing our world to improve human health

The coronavirus pandemic has shown us beyond a shadow of a doubt that human health is closely related to the health of the world.

Human beings are harming the planet, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, intensification of agriculture and livestock, which leads to the spread of diseases from animals to humans.
According to UNEP (United Nations Environment Program), every four months there is a new infection in humans. 75% comes from animals. Hence the close relationship between human, animal and environmental health.

How is Mother’s Day celebrated?

In addition to participating by choosing someone as a “World Champion”, you can lead by taking care of a small piece of land near you, building a team of innovators, cleaning up forests or beaches, or simply leading by example. Teaches children to learn to care for and respect nature.

Whatever you do, be sure to share #WorldMothersDay on social media using the hashtag #WorldDay.


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