Apps: after all, how many do we have installed on our smartphones?

Mobile apps are an integral part of our daily life. It is through these little programs for our Android and iOS phones that we access the world, interact with other people, and generally take advantage of smartphones.

Unsurprisingly, the use of the app has increased gradually and steadily in recent years, especially among younger users. However, what is the average number of apps installed on Android and iOS (iPhone) smartphones?

Now we have a more precise answer.

Young people with less than 10 apps installed on their smartphones are rare

Android Smartphone Apps

As has been pointed out by results In this study, the youngest users have the most apps installed on their smartphones. In this age group, only a small fraction consider themselves minimalist with less than 10 applications on their smartphones – about 8%.

Right away, about 17% of users reported being between 10 to 20 applications on the respective Android and iOS smartphones, using them in everyday life. Even so, they are values ​​below the majority of users with 31 applicationson average, installed on phones.

Users aged 16-29 reported having around 42 apps installed on their smartphones. The figure decreases with age, attributing this trend to the greater technological appetite and curiosity of the youngest.

We have 31 apps installed on average on our smartphones

Android Smartphone Apps

The myriad of apps available for our smartphones allows us to do almost anything through these magical devices of ours. Whether it’s ordering food or even delivering important documents, there’s inevitably an app for that.

Far beyond social networks and transmissionWhether it is for entertainment or productivity, new applications arrive on the Play Store and App Store every day that delight us.

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In short, it is a trend that will continue to increase, stimulating our appetite for apps and accompanying them with an improvement in the performance of our phones.

At the same time, the study also noted that the most popular social apps continue to be Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. To these are added navigation applications such as Google Maps, email and messaging.

Finally, this research states that users hardly remove these apps after installation. Even if they don’t use them, they are rarely removed from mobile devices.

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