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pacheco: The goalkeeper started the match bravely in the aerial game although he suffered in some action with the strength of Castellanos. He got a good hand off Tsygankov and stopped another shot just before halftime from Javi Hernández. In the second half he had work and could only make the statue before the surprising shot from Arnau Martínez. With his feet, he searched long for Joselu in most actions. He did not guess the side of Stuani’s penalty.

ruben sanchez: Everything that surrounds the homegrown winger happens at a high speed. Like his internships on the right, marked by power but imprecision. On defense, he was aggressive in the first half although he controlled on par with him. He tried a shot on goal at 41 ′ that went wide. Willful, he offered himself at all times and his cross to Puado ended in 1-1.

Cesar Montes: For better or for worse, the Mexican goes unnoticed in matches. He is solvent in the air, without ever taking risks with the ball and without being outmatched in duels. Good news for a central defender who, despite not making mistakes, has seen how he has not improved the team in this type of defensive task and continues to receive an average of goals that is close to two per game.

Sergi Gomez: The best of the defensive line perica until the expulsion. In the first half, he saved a very clear chance from Oriol Romeu and controlled Óscar Gil’s back, through which Tsygankov penetrated twice. He was soft in a one-on-one with Castellanos who was inches away from scoring 1-0, but he was firm in the rest of the match and his long balls had more intention than the rest of his teammates. He received a yellow for a sudden attack on Casellanos that was finally red according to the VAR.

Oscar Gil: He had to play on the left again, an unprecedented position throughout his career but one that he has had to play up to three times this season. He started with many doubts, leaving too much space with the central defender for Tsygankov to penetrate. He was better in duels than in positioning. He went from less to more, although his side was again the weakest on the team.

gragera: He acted in the double pivot with Vinicius to give more solidity to the team. He was barely able to participate in the construction of the game of a Espanyol that played directly, led by Joselu. In the defensive phase he had a job lending a hand to Óscar Gil against Tsygankov. On the play for the goal, the clearance from him was left dead at the feet of Arnau Martínez, who scored. He was substituted for Denis Suárez in the 60th minute, when the parakeet team went on the attack.

Vinicius: It was a match of pick and shovel for the Brazilian, more lost when he had to jump to the pressure of the Girona taking into account his great game between the lines, but he was better when the team came together more and he was able to cover fewer spaces. The footballer was a leader, speaking with his teammates and not despairing despite the score against until Braithwaite’s draw. He committed a disputed penalty when struggling with Santi Bueno and ended up nervous committing fouls that remained.

Darder and Romeu.
Darder and Romeu.alex caparrosGetty

darder: With Gragera and Vinicius behind, the Spaniard had more freedom to be able to act in areas of influence in attack. He took a yellow from Romeu and tried to give criteria to the game, more hasty than on other occasions when Puado and Braithwaite were ahead. He was imprecise in the strategic plays, but he adapted with the entry of Denis Suárez to a more defensive position. He was involved defensively as the one who was the most despite Girona’s ease in neutralizing the parakeet pressure.

handful: The best Espanyol player in the match. Willful in defense, he was the one who provided more depth although he did not have too many companions. His driving allowed Espanyol to advance and it was an attacking system by itself. The striker also gave Braithwaite the assist with a header after Rubén Sánchez’s cross.

Joselu: He returned from making his debut and scoring two goals with the National Team, but he did not have his afternoon. Very marked and neutralized, he failed to finish off on goal until the added time. The player was the buoy for the parakeet team but this time he did not make the difference.

Braithwaite: The things about the Dane, who tiptoed through the entire match but when Diego Martínez placed him as a center forward he scored a goal, as in Valladolid. His intuition in the area earned him a tie, although in the end it was insufficient.

denis suarez: The midfielder, lacking in rhythm, did not make the expected differences. He tried a couple of unsuccessful through passes and could only continue the game. He committed unnecessary fouls and was substituted again. His face on the bench was a poem.

calero: He left after the expulsion of Sergi Gómez, but Girona scored from a penalty to make it 2-1. He couldn’t do much more.

Keidi Bare: The best news was his return to the pitch. It came out 1-1 but after a minute Girona took the lead again.

melamed: He played close to the left during added time but had no margin to create danger.

Pierre-Gabriel: Closed in defense with a line of three. He reappeared after the injury. He had no incidence.

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