Approved and failed for Madrid: Asensio, from touching tragedy to unblocking the game

Courtois: Again very sure when he had to act. He also left some clever goalkeeper detail serving fast and far with his hands to put his team ahead on the play.

Carvajal: He needs more time and minutes continuously to get back to his best level, but he played a good game. He came to shoot dangerously on goal.

Military: Resolute in defense, also dangerous in his attacks, where he goes phenomenally with his head. Joselu suffered the fittest central defender in Europe.

Praise: Free kick that was about to go in. Well, with a lot of hierarchy, he pulled the team.

Mendy: Great physical display, it went from less to more and Madrid noticed it for its band (and Vinicius’s). Of course, he is used to giving some horizontal pass in the defensive zone of those that get on the nerves of a coach.

Casemiro: He is not at his best, he loses delicate balls for a footballer who plays in his position. He was not successful in the auction either.

Valverde: Madrid noted his vigor in midfield. He insisted on attack, especially in the first half, in which he tried his luck from distance up to three times (one of them with the left).

modric: The public stood up to see him off the field and chanted his name. Party with his trade, brilliant as always. Modric multiplies in the field. He was able to score with a shot with the left as he was sore.

Asensio: He was playing an inconsequential game until, in a matter of a minute, he went from bordering on tragedy with a child loan to Courtois to scoring one of those goals that bears the stamp of his left foot. Later, he ordered the whistles at the Bernabéu to be silenced with his gestures.

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Benzema: It was noted that he had one more march than in the Parc des Princes match. He assisted Vinicius for 2-0 in a very classy move. He scored the third penalty (he had missed the last shot against Elche).

Vinicius: Very good second part. Little by little he began to find connections with Benzema until he scored his goal after six games without achieving it.


Rodrygo: Caused a penalty.

Ceballos: Still not counted in the decisive phases.

Marcelo: For how little he played, he took some painful blow.

hazard: He didn’t have time to show off.

Lucas Vazquez: He entered very late.

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