Approved and failed Athletic: Yeray kept the type

Unai Simon: Morata hit the first shot after leaving Yeray, although it was a foul and it was annulled. With almost no work after another clash with the same international striker. Griazmann scored on his first ball. Then attentive and calm.

From Marcos: Intelligent 2 to dose efforts and hit the placement. He had a chance to head to the center of Lekue.

Yeray: He drew the first danger action. In the struggle with Morata he overtakes him and marks. A foul was claimed and the VAR annulled the goal. Afterwards he was the most concentrated of the team, brave and with ease.

Inigo Martinez: With a lot of work and wear and tear behind to hold Griezmann and Morata. The battering ram was in the goal of the French. Almost head mark, Grbic stopped.

leke: Follow 3 fixed. He fulfilled his zone and made a center to De Marcos of merit and several comebacks.

Vega: He returned to the pivot position after a limping week. Resolving peer errors as an anchor. He was singing with climbs to the front of the area.

sancet: From 8, he was singing. Top shot after spin. Another high shot from the front. He was not comfortable with the mattress pressure.

Muniain: Missing the first act. Very guarded in the resumption. Changed in 65 by Raúl García.

Nick Williams: He tried starts without success in the first act. He was not inspired by the second.

Berenguer: Without the electricity of other afternoons, he moved by flashes. She tried a header that collided with Oblak.

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Williams: He almost scored with a header from a free kick. He started with speed in several sets, without luck.

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Raul Garcia: In 64 by Muniain. He struggled with the defense of Atlético. He headed fiercely and Grbic cleared a measured cross from Yeray. He had a very clear second chance at the far post.

Villalibre: By Nico Williams in ’78. No time.

Zarraga: By Sancet in 78 to oxygenate. He caused a ruckus after a powerful shot.

They lived: For Yeray in 1985. He returned after a month with an ankle injury. He tried to score, but ran into the face of a defender.

Danny Garcia: For Vesga in 85. No time.

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