Appointment of a Muslim judge for the first time in the Supreme Court of Israel

In Israel, for the first time in the country’s history, a Muslim has been appointed as a judge in the Supreme Court.

According to the Daily Star, more than 20% of Israeli citizens are Arabs and there has been one Arab judge in the Supreme Court since 2003, when all previous appointments were Christian.

Leading lawyer and judge Khalid Kaboub has been appointed a judge of the Israeli Supreme Court, while two more women have been appointed as judges of the Supreme Court.

Khalid Kaboob, 63, holds a bachelor’s degree in Islam and history from Tel Aviv University. Prior to his appointment to the Supreme Court, he was serving in Tel Aviv.

It may be recalled that in 2020, Rafia Arshad, a Pakistani woman of British origin, was appointed as the first judge in the UK to wear hijab.

According to ARY News, 40-year-old Rafia Arshad was appointed as Deputy District Judge. Rafia Arshad has been in the legal field for 17 years. “Initially, I was afraid that I would be discriminated against because I was from Pakistan,” he said.

He said that many women wearing hijab wrote congratulatory letters to me and my appointment would boost the morale of women wearing hijab.

Rafia Arshad said that there is still discrimination sometimes, there are flaws in the system regarding discrimination.

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