Apple’s augmented reality device will feature biometric authentication

One of Apple’s most anticipated products is its first Augmented Reality device. This product has been rumored for a few years and it seems that it will be in early 2023 when it becomes official.

If this is true, it is natural that the coming months will bring us several news about what this product will have to offer. One of them is that Apple will launch a new form of biometric authentication in its products.

Apple will put an iris scanner in your headphones Augmented Reality

The information was published by the publication La Información and quickly reproduced by other media in the area. According to your testimony, Apple will equip your headphones Augmented Reality with an iris scanner.


This is, in fact, the biometric authentication technology that makes the most sense for a product of this type. The user will only have to put on the glasses and will be authorized immediately.

This iris scanner will not only be used to grant the user access to the device. It can also be used to authorize payments and other more delicate tasks.

Iris scanning is nothing new to users of other brand products, specifically Samsung users. However, it will be a novelty for those who faithfully use the devices developed by Apple.

In its smartphones, Apple uses two types of biometric authentication. The oldest is Touch ID for fingerprint verification of users.

On the other hand, we have Face ID as facial recognition technology developed by Apple. This is currently the main form of authentication in the brand’s products, especially in its mobile devices.

For obvious reasons, these two types of biometric authentication are not suitable for Apple’s first Augmented Reality device. Therefore, the rumor of the introduction of an iris scanner makes a lot of sense for this long-awaited product.

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