Apple’s AR/VR headset is set to launch, but it won’t be a hit from the start

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple last week introduced its mixed reality headsets to the company’s top 100 executives at the Steve Jobs Theater.

Gurman explains that the “important meeting” it is a “key milestone” ahead of the public announcement of the headphones, expected in June. The event was aimed at bringing together top Apple executives around the company’s next big platform.

Apple’s top executives have apparently gotten a glimpse of the headphones every year since 2018, but those demos were low-key peeks at the project’s progress rather than showcases of the full device. The last preview was a much more significant event, which was described as “polished, shiny and exciting”.

While anticipation for the device’s launch is growing within Apple, Gurman added that The device is likely to start with several potential issues:

  • The price of the device will be around 3,000 dollars,
  • one will be missing killer app (an app whose functionality makes everyone want to have it)
  • Will require an external battery that will need to be replaced every two hours
  • It will use a layout that some testers found odd.

It is also likely to launch with limited media content. As a result, Apple executives are “setting a realistic tone within the company” with the understanding that “this is not going to be a successful product from the start”but its evolution may be similar to that of the Apple Watch.

The first version of the device “will look like a dud next to the company’s existing products,” believes Gurman, but still “will likely make Apple the market leader in mixed reality in a few months.”

Executives expect consumer interest to increase as new versions are released at lower prices.

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