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Apple will take another big step in the storage of the iPhone 14

The iPhone 13 has been in stores for a week, but rumors about its successor are already beginning to be seen. After the first indications left about the design of the next Apple devices, now there is talk of a new internal storage scheme.

The iPhone 14 could come with an incredible 2TB internal memory

A rumor coming from the publication MyDrivers claims that Apple plans to introduce an option with 2TB of internal storage in the iPhone 14. It will therefore be twice the maximum that we can currently buy in the iPhone 13 Pro.

iPhone 14

This increase will be possible thanks to a new storage technology that Apple should use in next year’s models. With the transition to QLC NAND flash memory, the American company will have the necessary foundations to take another leap in available memory.

Note that Digitimes had already made progress in adopting a new storage technology. However, this source did not reveal whether or not Apple would increase the available space thanks to this transition.

I want to remember that Apple has launched the 1 TB storage option on the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max due to the new features of its camera. More specifically, by presenting the ProRes video it will certainly generate large files.

Will this repeat itself in 2022? It is already speculated that Apple may present another great innovation in the cameras of its computers that justify the introduction of a model with so much memory available.

It’s still too early to be sure what to expect from the iPhone 14. It’s about a year away from its release, so you should look at this information with a big “pinch of salt.”

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