Apple will significantly increase product prices soon

The shortage of components and potato chips It affects various sectors of the technology market. Apple is one of the few companies that appears to be getting over this setback, but it is about to end.

A new report from Nikkei points to an expected increase in the price of products Apple will launch in the future. The reason is precisely related to the shortage of components on the market.

TSMC will force Apple to a “notorious” increase in the price of its products

This report states that Apple will be forced to a “noticeable” increase in the price of its devices. Something that will happen not by the will of the American company, but because TSMC is preparing to increase the cost of production of new components.


Due to a shortage of raw materials, TSMC, Apple’s longtime partner, is now forced to raise its prices. This means that the production costs of the new components will increase and that the brands will reflect this increase in the final price of their equipment.

The new TSMC price lists are expected to go into effect on October 1. Any component produced after that date will be more expensive than today and will be produced in strictly necessary units.

For the end consumer, this means that the iPhone, iPad and Mac are about to get even more expensive. In general, it is not agreed whether the iPhone 13 will already reflect this increase in production costs, but it is unlikely that next year’s Apple products will escape.

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Very recently, another source suggested that the iPhone 13 would be more expensive than its predecessors. The reason for this had to do precisely with the price increase imposed by TSMC, with the most expensive model of this family of smartphones being able to exceed € 2,000.

According to what Nikkei reports more recently, the increase in prices of Apple products is inevitable. It will be a question of when and not if.

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