Apple will pay $15 to anyone who has this slow iPhone after the update

It seems like yesterday, but it’s been more than six years since Apple faced a class action lawsuit accusing the company of something pretty serious. By the release date of iOS 9 in 2015, the brand will have slowed down the performance of some iPhone 4S that upgraded.

Now that the process is finally complete, Apple has agreed to pay $15 to each owner who experiences performance issues on this smartphone. It was worth the wait?

Apple will pay $15 to anyone with an iPhone 4S affected by iOS 9

As MacRumors writes, this joint action was initially launched in December 2015 by representatives of iPhone 4S users who complained. These will be residents of New York and New Jersey.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple
Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

This lawsuit accused Apple of falsely advertising the iOS 9 update. The problem would be the fact that it brought improved performance, which clearly did not happen to these users.

“Plaintiffs have collectively filed the operating complaint in this lawsuit alleging that the Class was harmed when consumers upgraded their iPhone 4S to iOS 9 after being exposed to Apple’s allegedly false description of the new operating system,” it read.

Apple announced iOS 9 as a step forward in performance

“The indictment alleges that Apple misrepresented that iOS 9 was compatible with the iPhone 4S and would improve or “improve performance” for customers to download software updates. Instead, the prosecution alleges, iOS 9 significantly reduced the performance of their iPhone 4S devices.”

Apple heralded iOS 9 as the “most advanced mobile experience” with the “most responsive performance.” Now he will have to pay something like 20 million dollars to compensate the owners of these teams in those cities.

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A website will be created for users who believe they have been harmed by this practice to fill out a form and be reimbursed.

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