A new year means a new generation for the various products in the Apple portfolio. One of the novelties of the second half of the year will be the new generation of the iPad Pro, of which there is already some encouraging news.

The most recent report comes from the publication 9to5 Mac, closely tied to the goals of American technology. His sources anticipate that the next iPad Pro will come with support for wireless charging.

iPad Pro will receive wireless charging thanks to MagSafe technology

At first it was speculated that Apple would opt for a glass back for the next generation of the iPad Pro. Something essential for the company to introduce wireless charging on the tablet.

The new report published by 9to5 Mac claims that Apple has given up on the idea of ​​developing a glass back due to fears about the durability of the new tablet. In fact, aluminum will continue to be the predominant material, except for the brand logo on the back.

This will be larger than usual, taking dimensions close to those we entered in the MacBook line. The goal is for this to be constructed of glass to accommodate MagSafe technology, which allows for energy transfer.

It is also mentioned that the next iPad Pro will have more powerful magnets to prevent possible accidents. Also, charging speeds will be higher than on the iPhone.

The next iPad Pro will have a bigger battery, a new camera and a new processor

The same report adds a few more new features that we should expect from the next iPad Pro. One of the most interesting will be the use of a larger battery to address user complaints about the Magic Keyboard and a faster battery drain on the tablet. .

In the photographic section, news is also expected, with the new iPad Pro taking a module more similar to that of the iPhone 13. It remains to be seen if this will also mean another lens.

To control all operations there will be a new processor, possibly the next M2. East chip it should be announced with the new MacBook Air and it wouldn’t be surprising if it’s also used in Apple’s next high-end tablet.

Aesthetic changes will also be on the way with the introduction of the controversial notch. After the iPhone and MacBook Pro, the iPad Pro should also take on this aesthetic trait to quickly differentiate itself from its main competitors.

This option should result in a larger screen than the current generation, that is, above 12.9 inches. Something that the renowned analyst Mark Gurman had previously mentioned in one of his reports.


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