Apple will allow users to create their own applications for the Virtual Reality headset

One of the most anticipated projects in recent years is Apple’s first Virtual Reality device. Although its official designation is not yet known, many speculate that it is Reality Pro, a designation that I will use from now on in this article.

That being said, the latest rumors about Reality Pro suggest that Apple will allow users to create new apps for the device. A task that they can perform even without programming knowledge.

Siri will help Reality Pro users create their apps

The information was shared by The Information publication, citing sources who worked on this project. As anticipated, Siri will be the essential support tool for this.

apple reality pro

Thanks to the support of Siri, this will be an “easy way for users to create their own Augmented Reality apps” for this headphones of Virtual Reality. They can then be published on the App Store for others to enjoy.

Users will be able, in this way, to capture their ideas with the combination of objectives based on their reality. In this way, it will be possible to “scan and import real objects into the headphones so they can be accurately rendered in 3D and behave like real life.”

Apple exemplifies this functionality with the possibility of creating an app with virtual animals moving around a room. Thanks to the support of Siri, it will be possible to develop this idea without having to create the animals from scratch.

So, if you have an excellent idea for an Augmented Reality application, but you don’t know how to program, it won’t be a problem. Thanks to Siri, you can bring your idea to life simply by explaining what you want to the virtual assistant.

Apple will be an active part in the growth of the library of applications available for this Virtual Reality device. The American technology company is also developing its applications for Reality Pro.

Health and well-being seem to be two of Apple’s main concerns when developing its apps. The tech is mentioned to be designing apps that will help users exercise and meditate.

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