Apple Watch with integrated camera? Patent Application Shows Concept

Smartwatches are one of the most successful technological devices at the moment and all brands try to innovate in the segment by launching new concepts.

An Apple patent filing shows a potential new component for the company’s smartwatches: a wristband with a built-in camera.

Patent application shows camera built into Apple Watch

Apple patent for smartwatch with detachable camera
[email protected] Apple/Gizmochina

Currently, the segment of smart watches is one of the markets with the most registered sales, worldwide. Brands are aware of this fact and seek to innovate, launching models with innovative features.

It has long been said that Apple wants to integrate a glucose meter into its line of wearable devices, but a new patent application shows that the Cupertino company has more plans for its smartwatch.

The Patently Apple website discovered documentation for this new patent application showing a bracelet with a built-in camera. In the operational sketch, there is a drawing of a person holding the smartwatch camera already released from the bracelet.

Apple patents a smartwatch with a camera on the strap
[email protected] Apple/Gizmochina

Another image shows the camera still attached to the bracelet, but in a position where it could also allow image capture.

This isn’t the first time Apple has filed a patent for a camera on its smartwatch. Another application was detected last year describing a camera placed inside the digital crown.

And in 2019, Apple even had a patent approved showing a rotating camera built into the end of the bracelet.

While patent applications don’t necessarily end up being conceived in a product that is then made available to the public, Apple has been harping on this idea of ​​including a camera in its smartwatch, so perhaps in the future it will be one of the Ultra attributes, for example.

It’s also worth noting that there are already third-party accessories that work in exactly the same way as described in the now-discovered Apple patent.

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