Apple Watch vs Google Pixel Watch: the differences cry

Google recently launched its first smartwatch, the google pixel clockin order to compete with Apple in the segment of wearable and complete your product portfolio. He also did it to give away smartphones Google Pixel 7 a new complement, as Cupertino technology does with its iPhone and apple watch.

However, when opening up comparable and contemporary products, the differences in build quality and, above all, engineering are stark.

Apple Watch: domain and order both outside and inside

apple watch google pixel watch
Digital rendering of Google Pixel Watch and Apple Watch: @ZDNET

The experience can be described as opening an excellent Omega, or Seiko (no daring haute horlogerie comparisons) versus a cheap imitation. Compare the precise fit of Swiss or Japanese machinery to something full of glue to “hold everything in place.”

Although on the outside both products are extremely elegant, each with its own design philosophy. So in the case of Google, the traditional round dial and in the case of Apple, its Look angular, inside they are diametrically opposite.

apple watch

The discovery was made by the team of I fix it, American company specializing in the repair of equipment and mobile devices. More recently, his attention has turned to the new fabrics to get to market.

Google Pixel Watch: the glue is the one that asks the most

apple watch google pixel watch

In view of the above, it is not even painful to compare one product with another. Where the Apple Watch (in this case the Ultra model) religiously follows the order from the outside to the inside, with the same mastery of engineering, organization and interior “cleanliness”, well, the images speak for themselves.

The interior of the Google Pixel Watch is much simpler and less organized. We have a battery visible to the naked eye, with no further protection and a lot of glue to keep everything in place.

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The interior of smart watches is very different.

apple watch

Despite the seemingly simple build, the price of the Google Pixel Watch isn’t exactly affordable. By comparison, the Apple Watch is expensive, but it always has been. As iFixit points out, there are some concerns about the durability of the product.

However, when it comes to disassembling the product, the care and attention that the brand puts into the internal organization is commendable, also facilitating the repair of various components with its modular ideology.

Pixel Watch is Google’s first smartwatch

google pixel clock

In juxtaposition we have the Apple Watch, with firm, protective and well-ordered internal components. The differences reflect well Apple’s experience in this segment, as well as its inherent perfectionism.

However, iFixit’s main concern is the ease of repair and intervention on a mobile device. Here, the Apple Watch is the winner with its modular construction and the ease of disconnecting the connection cables.

On the Pixel Watch, on the other hand, it is necessary to slightly force the battery, which is devoid of protection. However, this is never recommended, given the risk to power cell data.

Screen repair is the most common intervention

In short, for screen repairs, the most common damage, and possibly battery damage, the Apple Watch has a huge advantage, not to mention the extra care taken with the order and construction of internal components.

Finally, we remind you that this is Google’s first smartwatch, so we can expect, at least that’s what we want, improvements in the next iteration.

Inside of Apple Watch vs. pixel clock

—Joseph Cohen (@josephcohen) November 3, 2022

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