Apple Watch Ultra 2 will be the first to have this attribute in the iOS universe

Apple’s intentions to adopt microLED screens for its entire product line have been talked about for some time.

It seems that the plans will go ahead and the first to receive this attribute will be the second generation Apple Watch Ultra that could arrive in late 2024 or early 2025.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 with microLED display only in 2024 or even 2025

Image of Apple Watch Ultra on a person's wrist
Apple wants to integrate self-produced microLED panels into the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra Crédito@Apple

Many rumors have been going around since Apple intends to equip its product line with microLED screens. The Cupertino company wants to offer its users all the advantages that this type of panel brings.

It has higher brightness, as well as an optimized contrast ratio, as well as ensuring lower power consumption. For these reasons, Apple’s idea is to integrate this type of panel into the iPhone, iPad series and also into smart watches.

According to the Digitimes publication, the first to have this attribute will be the second generation Apple Watch Ultra. However, this model should only be launched by the Cupertino company at the end of next year (2024) or even at the beginning of 2025. Therefore, we are still going to wait a while.

We can even wait longer to see this same attribute in other Apple devices. All because the brand will only move towards the integration of the microLED panel in the iPhone and iPad models after seeing (good) results in the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Always according to the same source, Samsung Display and LG will be the providers most affected by this option. All because Apple will use its own microLED screens in these devices.

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It is one more step that the Cupertino company takes to reduce the dependence it currently has on several different providers.

But also Samsung Display and LG may have to wait a while for Apple to meet its target. According to Mark Gurman, a journalist for the Bloomberg agency and a well-known source of information about Apple, the Cupertino company could take a whole decade to replace the screens of the iPhone, iPad and Mac series.

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