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Apple Watch Series 7: the new range of watches will bring a big change in 2021

The generation Apple Watch Series 7 will hit the market in September and, according to a new report, will bring significant changes, as well as new digital products or clock faces. The new watches will arrive with the Apple iPhone 13 range of phones.

The main novelties mentioned reside in the availability of two sizes, 41 mm and 45 mm, which represents a significant increase in the size of the Apple smartwatch. On the other hand, the screen of each model will also be considerably larger.

In September we have the new Apple Watch Series 7 range

Apple Watch Series 7
The current range of Apple Watch Series 6 watches arrived in 2020.

More specifically, the latest information points to an average 16% increase for total screen size. Something that will facilitate the use of watches, as well as the understanding of the contents that the watchOS operating system presents.

According to a new piece advanced by Bloomberg, the next Apple watches will be substantially larger. In practice, not only will you increase the size of your boxes for both models, but the overall viewing area will also be considerably larger.

In short, while current models are available in 40mm and 44mm, the Apple Watch Series 7 will come in 41mm and 45mm. It is a slight increase in the physical dimensions of the watches that will bring a large increase in the size of the displays.

That is, not only will the watch case be larger, but the use of the area on the screen will also be greatly improved. In practice we will have smaller margins that will give more space to display each model, making it more rewarding to use.

Apple Watch Series 7 will be bigger and bolder

This is a surprisingly substantial screen size increase. The gray is 44mm and the black is Series 7. The watch case will definitely feel larger on the wrist. https://t.co/d6pfrdqve9 pic.twitter.com/XCa5NKP1Mo

– Parker Ortolani (@ParkerOrtolani) September 2, 2021

The new generation will continue to be guided by ease of use, tracking of user physical activity and health metrics, as well as integration with the iPhone. In other words, they will be an even better complement to the iPhone 13.

According to the source, the Apple Watch Series 7 range will have a 1.9-inch screen versus the 1.78-inch screen of the 44mm model of the Series 6 range.

The increase in dimensions will be accompanied by an increase in pixels, with the 45mm model having 16% more pixels for a total of 396 x 484 compared to the 44mm 6 Series with 68 x 448 pixels.

We will also have new digital displays in the 7 Series

According to the same source, the Apple Watch Series 7 range will feature new digital displays that take advantage of the larger screen. among the new clock faces We will have the new Modular Max, Continuum and a new world clock.

The first, Modular Max, will be ideal for presenting more information, infographics, and complications. The user will be able to choose the type of detail and the amount of information to present, as well as the size of each complication.

The second, Continuum, will change depending on the time throughout the day, as well as the type of information defined by the user.

The third, the global clock, will present the user with a glimpse of all 24 time zones, of all time zones simultaneously. You can present the information in digital or analog format, being the most complicated of the screens.

New processor, bigger screen and accessories from Nike and Hermes

Among the hardware improvements we have a new processor to streamline the use of the Apple Watch Series 7. To this is added a different design, possibly more angular and similar to the design of the iPhone 12 with its straighter edges.

The highlight, however, should focus on the screens that this year will have the largest dimensions ever used by Apple. Something that, according to Bloomberg, would be causing difficulties in the mass production of new smart watches.

Finally, Apple is expected to introduce new digital displays developed in partnership with Nike and Hermes. Added to this are new bracelets also with the seal of the alliances mentioned here.

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