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Apple Watch saves one more person

From Norway comes the story of another rescue of a person in which the Apple Watch played a crucial role.

During one of his usual running sessions, Norwegian Robert Naess, 59, suffered a fall that caused him serious injuries, but thanks to the Apple wearable he received medical attention almost immediately.

Apple Watch’s emergency call functionality is crucial in the rescue

The health and safety features of Apple smart watches have been very successful in saving the lives of its users. The most recent story comes from Norway and has a happy ending thanks to these same resources.

Robert Naess, 59, an amateur athlete, suffered a serious fall during one of his running sessions. The Norwegian investment manager fell and was seriously injured with several fractured ribs causing a collapsed lung.

With enviable quick thinking and experiencing severe pain and shortness of breath, the Norwegian managed to key in the emergency number on his smartwatch to call for help.

At the same time, the fall detection function will have been activated, as well as the emergency call function. Both resources helped locate the victim who, in just 15 minutes, was already receiving the necessary medical attention.

Subsequently, the medical team that treated Robert Naess confirmed the seriousness of his injuries and the fundamental role of Apple Watch for a happy ending in this story.

apple watch series 8

Image of Apple Watch Series 8

Display: 1.9-inch OLED

Autonomy: Up to 18 hours

GPS: Yeah

connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC

functions: Drop and shock detection, water resistance to 50 meters, dust resistance IP6X3, always-on display, shock resistance, personalized workouts

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