Apple Watch is closer to revolutionizing the smartwatch market

No one doubts that the Apple Watch is a benchmark technological product and the example to follow in the smartwatch segment. This is first and foremost a health oriented product and this is where the Apple Watch manages to stand out.

The next evolution of this product will be the introduction of a sensor to measure blood glucose. Fortunately, as journalist Mark Gurman points out, this milestone is closer than ever to reaching it.

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—Mark Gurman (@markgurman) February 22, 2023

Blood glucose meter coming to Apple Watch soon

In one of his most recent pieces, Mark Gurman addresses the issue of introducing a blood glucose sensor to the Apple Watch. This is a declared intention by Apple and its implementation is now closer.

Gurman notes that Apple achieved “important goals” in developing this technology. It will eventually be integrated into the Apple Watch, making this product stand out even more from its competitors.

The prototype that Apple has in hand is “the size of an iPhone”, so there is still a lot of work to be done. In order for it to fit into an Apple Watch, the American company will have to find a way to compress it to fit your smartwatch.

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According to Mark Gurman, this sensor uses a process called “optical absorption spectroscopy” to obtain an accurate measurement of the user’s blood glucose level. All in a non-invasive way, that is, without collecting any blood sample.

This technology will be revolutionary, especially for those who suffer from diabetes or have another disease associated with glycemia. Thanks to Apple Watch, they will be able to measure their glucose levels anywhere and without the need for additional equipment.

It is not the first time that Apple’s intention to incorporate this technology into its watches has been mentioned. There are several patents filed by the company alluding to this technology and everything indicates that its development is going well.

Finally, it is important to stress that Mark Gurman does not offer a timeline for the release of this desired technology. He only claims that this technology will eventually come to the Apple Watch.

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