Apple Unleashed: new voice plan for direct access to Apple Music through Siri

At the opening of the Apple Unleashed event, Tim Cook immediately reveals that the news will focus on two areas: music and computers.
To start the wave of news, the new Apple Music Voice Plan is introduced, which is fully integrated with Siri’s voice assistant.

Voice plan provides exclusive access to Apple Music streaming service for $ 4.99 per month

Apple describes the new Voice Plan as a “new music experience, designed exclusively for the Siri voice assistant.” For a subscription of $ 4.99 a month, or just over 4.30 euros, users have access to the Apple Music catalog of 90 million songs.

Users can even subscribe to the new voice plan using the Siri voice assistant. And once the subscription is complete, Sir can be asked to play the music coming from Apple Music on all Apple devices with the built-in voice assistant.

To make this subscription more captivating for users, Apple has not only set a very competitive price, it is also adding new playlists.

Portugal is not included in the 17 countries that will have access to the new Apple Voice Plan

From now on, users will be able to ask Siri to play a chill out playlist, for example, or even request a playlist similar to the song the user is currently listening to.

Even better, subscribers will also have access to a new section called “Just ask Siri” where they can see tips for optimizing the deviz Siri assistant for Apple Music. Otherwise, they can also see suggestions based on their music preferences and the latest recently played songs through Siri.

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The new Apple Music Voice Plan will be available later this fall in 17 countries. Unfortunately, Portugal is not included in this first launch phase.

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