Apple is appealing its lawsuit with Epic Games, according to a court document that the company presented last Friday and transmitted CNBC it is discovered. In addition, it also has a movement filed requesting the postponement of the entry into force of the measures imposed by the court.

Last month, the judge ruled that Apple should stop banning references to other payment systems in apps from the App Store. The court has not yet decided whether or not Apple is a monopolist, but according to the decision prohibiting payment diversions it goes too far. Still, Epic must adhere to Apple’s 30% commission for in-app payments during the period during which the company unauthorized bypassing the payment mechanism with its own mechanism. However, since the judge’s ruling in September, this is no longer a requirement, as long as Epic uses its own method and not Apple’s.

Epic mocked Apple in an ad when it pulled Fortnite from the App Store for using its own payment mechanisms.

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