Apple: This hack will make your old iPhone so much faster!

THE Apple supported to deliberately slow down various models of iPhone to ensure stability of use as battery life begins to deteriorate. Did it through a system update. ios, without users being notified in advance.

The result? Several Apple iPhone models have slowed down considerably.

In practice, Apple has made the vast majority of older iPhones slower. However, as soon as this was exposed by various entities, disclosed by the average and, finally, recognized by Apple, it would become one of the biggest muddles of today.

Apple slowed down older iPhone models

Apple iPhone iOS

The iOS update that decreased the maximum processor performance in the older models affected from the iPhone 6 to the newer generations. However, there is a trick that allows you to recover all the performance for each iOS phone model.

To do this, simply change the region of the iPhone to France. This will reverse the application of the algorithm and software that restrict peak processing on the iPhone, effectively unlocking all the processing power of these older models.

More specifically, it was not until November 2020 that Apple admitted this practice, as we disclosed in 4gnews. A short time later, several entities and organizations for the protection of consumer rights pointed the accusing finger. In fact, in Portugal, DECO followed this path seeking compensation for national consumers, so far without success.

The Cupertino technology would receive multiple fines for the concerted practice over the years that slowed down millions of phones. The prosecution stated that this was intended to encourage the consumer to be “pushed” to buy the new model.

Try to change the region of your Apple iPhone to France

Apple iPhone

In Europe, it was in the Gallic nation where Cupertino’s technology faced the most severe legal and regional impositions. In fact, Apple would not only be fined several times, but would also be prohibited from carrying out such a practice.

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As such, if you set the region of your older iPhone to France, you will see that its performance is considerably better. This is because performance The phone’s processor max is not intentionally throttled.

Again, according to Apple, this slowdown was done to prevent phone malfunctions as the battery begins to age.

Situation where, according to the manufacturer, the power cell may not be able to deliver the required power during a more demanding task. This could cause the iPhone to shut down, for example.

France was exemplary in defending consumer rights

While in most European nations nothing would happen to Apple, in France the scenario was diametrically opposite. In fact, even the current policy of taking headphones (and other accessories) out of the box is not in effect in the Welsh nation.

On the other hand, in China, Apple would not be fined for the slowdown of the iPhone. However, the central government had forced it to make battery replacements more affordable, which was the cause and basis for Apple’s controversial decision.

Apple iPhone iOS
Results on GeekBench with an iPhone 7 before and after setting the French region.

Above is an example of the impact of defining the iPhone for the French region. More specifically, through a test on the Geekbench platform for the iPhone 7 smartphone. On the left we have the score before opting for the French region. On the right we have the same iPhone after France was chosen as the iPhone region.

Similar results are obtained on the AnTuTu platform, demonstrating the limited performance of the CPU (processor) of the phones in question. Therefore, changing the region of the computer will have a noticeable effect on the performance of the product.

Do you have an older iPhone model in use?

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