Apple: these are the devices that will have a discreet launch in October

After an event, full of pomp and circumstance, that presented the new series of smartphones iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Ultra, Apple prepares more launches.

But this time it is not clear if the Cupertino company will hold an event or if it will limit itself to announcing the new equipment through press releases. Next, all the news from Apple.

iPad with new design and iPad Pro with M2 chip

Apple iPad
The base model of the iPad could arrive with a renewed designCredit@Apple

It seems that Apple will continue to surprise users of the iOS universe with more news. But it is not clear if the company will bet on an online event or if on the contrary it will opt for a discreet launch, only disclosing the news through a “flurry” of press releases.

Whatever the form of presentation, the high-tech world and its rumors are already focused on the next Apple news. Let’s start with the iPad.

Apparently, the base model will finally get a design update, in addition to being able to add support for 5G communications to its list of specifications. At a time when the global tablet market is going through a slowdown, Apple will try to remain the leader in this segment with these changes.

For its part, the iPad Pro may also have new features that will be very well received by users.

According to rumors, the most advanced model could be equipped with the M2 processor, in addition to having a price reduction. Combining speed and performance efficiency with a price reduction, you can certainly boost sales.

AppleTV 4K or 8K?

It is also possible that we receive in the market a new model of Apple TV. But while some sources advance that it will be a 4K device, others assure that Apple will make the “jump” to 8K.

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There is still little content available in 8K, but there is no doubt that the future will be in this resolution. Taking into account that Apple has a habit of updating this equipment every two years, it is possible that the new model is already prepared for the future that lies ahead in the short term.

New Macs and MacBooks on the way with the M2 chip

Of course, Apple will be able to expand its family of Macs and MacBook Pros, especially if the new models come equipped with the much talked about M2 processor.

And the new chip will be the main novelty of these models, with one or another note, but above all with a clear commitment to maximum performance.

Some rumors suggest that the Mac mini will also have a new model that, despite maintaining the same design as its predecessor, will also come equipped with the M2 processor.

A new HomePod?

Some sources say that Apple could bring back its HomePod wireless speaker, launching its successor. All because this segment has recorded good sales and sustained growth.

However, no one can advance information about the specifications of the new HomePod 2. In our opinion, the update of this equipment that is already two years old may include the integration of more functions and improvements in audio quality.

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