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Apple shows generation gap

Apple services are an important source of income for the company, but it seems that they are also one of the best examples to demonstrate the so-called Generation Gap concept or gap between generations.

Recently, a study showed that Apple Music is widely used by younger people, while Apple TV+ is quite successful among users over 35 years of age.

Apple Music attracts younger people and Apple TV + is part of the most mature preferences

image of Apple Music service on various iOS devices
Apple services are one of Credit@Apple’s most profitable sources of revenue.

Several financial reports have already shown that Apple’s services are currently one of its main sources of income. In the second quarter of 2023, this segment generated the impressive figure of 20,910 million dollars (something like 18,700 million euros) for the Cupertino company.

Although Apple doesn’t break down service revenue, US company CIRP says Apple Music and Apple TV+ are among the most profitable. But the CIRP went further and carried out a study to analyze the age groups of the users of each of these services.

The first conclusion to draw is that Apple Music has an excellent acceptance with more than 40% of users of all ages using this service. Apple TV +, on the other hand, remains for only a third of these users.

Taken closer, we realize that these two Apple services are a direct demonstration of the Generation Gap concept. All because the two youngest age groups, 18-24 and 25-34, use Apple Music a lot more than Apple TV+.

As for the age groups over 35, they use streaming video much more than music. The age group between 55 and 64 years is excepted, as they use the two services practically in the same way.

According to the CIRP company, this preference among young people for Apple Music is directly related to the fact that they grew up listening to digital music. The more mature age groups have a different experience and use this service less.

It must also be said that this type of study can be vital for Apple itself which, based on this analysis of the user profile, can define more appropriate commercial strategies for the sustainable development of these services.

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