It’s common to hear rumors about Apple devices, but few have attracted as much interest as their long-awaited mixed reality headset.

According Bloombergthe mixed reality headset appeared during a meeting attended by Apple CEO Tim Cook, executives and members of the company’s board of directors.

This meeting was not device specific as Apple holds these meetings four times a year. The report also states that the current hardware version is powered by Apple’s M1 SoC.

According to what was filtered, It will offer a mix of virtual and augmented reality. It is believed to be Apple’s next big product.

With the introduction of the mixed reality headset, Apple can expand into a whole new world, which can consolidate its space for years to come.

What makes the headset unique is that it will not only feature new hardware, but also a new software platform. The helmet is said to have its own operating system, called ros.

While it’s unclear at this point, the product could debut sometime this year. Apparently, he would debut at the upcoming WWDC this year, but due to issues with the product, he won’t be making an appearance.


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