Apple has released results for the first fiscal quarter of 2022, which covers the months of October, November and December.

This quarter is the most important for Apple as it includes the Christmas period. The company posted record revenue of $123.95 billion, 11% more than the previous year. Earnings were $34.6 billion and earnings per share were $2.10.

Analysts had high expectations for this quarter, predicting record revenue and earnings, although Apple itself warned it would be negatively affected by supply constraints. In practice, it seems to have weathered the storm quite well.

Apple no longer reports unit sales for any of its products, but presents a revenue breakdown by product category.

This is the full breakdown for the first fiscal quarter of 2022:

  • iPhone: $71.63 billion (9% year-over-year increase)
  • Mac: $10.85 billion (25% year-over-year increase)
  • iPad: $7.25 billion (down 14% year-over-year)
  • Wearables, Home & Accessories: $14.7 billion (up 13% year-over-year)
  • Services: $19.5 billion (24% year-over-year increase)

“This quarter’s record results were made possible by our most innovative line of products and services in history”said Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

“We are pleased to see the response from customers around the world at a time when staying connected has never been more important. We are doing everything we can to help build a better world: moving towards our goal of being carbon neutral across our entire supply and product chain by 2030, and advancing our work on education, equity and racial justice.”



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