Apple reveals that the iPhone 15/15 Pro battery deteriorates significantly less than expected

Battery capacity has historically been a challenge for iPhone users, leading to complaints about diminishing capacity over time. Now Apple has revised and improved battery life expectations for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro.

The company recently announced that the battery of the latest iPhones offers twice as many charge cycles as originally predicted, addressing users’ concerns about the battery capacity of their devices.

The company claims that iPhone batteries are designed to retain up to 80% of their original capacity after 500 full charge cycles from 0 to 100%. Well, as 9to5Mac reports, Apple has increased this number to 1,000 full charge cycles for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models.

Extending the life of charging cycles occurs in certain common iPhone usage scenarios. Thanks to improvements in components and its power management systems, Apple has achieved this cycle count improvement.

This improvement only applies to the iPhone 15 model generation, while previous versions still maintain the 500 cycle rating. However, Apple has announced that it will review the charging cycle data of older models to ensure its accuracy.

With the release of iOS 17 alongside the iPhone 15, Apple introduced new controls for battery health, including the option not to charge the battery above 80%. The logic behind this option is that charging from 0% to 80% is relatively efficient, while the last 20% uses more energy and generates more heat, which can affect battery life.

For iPhone 15 users, it is possible to check the number of charge cycles of your device by opening the Settings > General > Information section Battery.

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