Apple returns developer account to Epic Games

Despite Tim Sweeney’s criticism of Apple’s new rules for third-party app stores in the European Union, Epic Games plans to launch its own store on the iPhone later this year.

The company hinted at its plans last month and shared more details in a blog post today.

It’s no secret that Apple removed Epic Games from its developer account in 2020 after it violated App Store rules by adding a direct payment option to the Fortnite app. This sparked a multi-year legal battle between Apple and Epic Games that culminated last month after the US Supreme Court refused to consider appeals in the case.

Epic claims that Apple has reinstated its developer accountand is currently working on its third-party app marketplace called “Epic Games Store”:

We have restored our Apple developer account and will begin developing the Epic Games Store on iOS thanks to the new Digital Markets Law. We plan to launch in 2024. Epic Games Sweden AB will operate the Epic Games and Fortnite mobile store in Europe, with the store team leading development. Epic Games Sweden has 3 studios and more than 60 employees.

Although Epic Games has not revealed any further details about its plans for a third-party app store on iPhone, it is expected to be in line with Apple’s guidelines.

According to these guidelines, Epic Games cannot operate an app marketplace that only offers its own content. Apple claims that markets should be fair for all developers, so Epic Games must also accept content from other developers.

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